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Loh Eben Ong & Partners is a Singapore Law Firm established in 1994. The Law Firm focuses on Property, Commercial, Personal and, Family Legal Services with emphasis in Property and Conveyancing, Company and Corporate,  Divorce and Adoption, Finance, Probate and Letters of Administration and Wills.

Our Singapore Lawyers (Loh Lay Leng and Eben Ong) have at least 20 years of experience each, and handled a wide range of legal matters throughout their respective legal careers.

Loh Eben Ong & Partners' clientele consists of individuals, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), financial institutions, public listed companies, trusts and associations.

In our LEOLAW's Client Care Policy, we believe in relationship building with our clients and potential clients, so that they build an important rapport with our lawyers. Quality, trust, faith, integrity, communication, accessibility to our solicitors, efficiency and speed are integral to this Policy, and all legal and related matters entrusted to us are committed to this standard. More complex matters may be subject to a "strategizing exercise", so that such matters can be resolved, settled, concluded or completed (as the case may be) expeditiously.

We are continuing building up our strengths to serve our clients better.™ and Online Legal Services, being an integral part of Loh Eben Ong & Partners, focuses on Online Legal Services, which effectively means that part of our legal and professional services has been provided online.

The Team has conceptualized the offering of innovative legal services online since 1998. We are arguably one of the first law firms globally (if not the first) to offer pioneering Online Legal Services, first with Deed Poll for Change of Name in Singapore, followed by Power of Attorney, Wills, Divorce and others.

Our Online Legal Services such as Deed Poll (Change of Name), Power of Attorney, Divorce and Wills have been highly successful and popular, with thousands of people having used our professional services with great satisfaction.

We believe in adapting and adopting to technological advances, and in this smart mobile computing and social media age, it is no longer about having pretty websites but able to connect with our online users. We also endeavour to  update our websites very regularly and add fresh ideas and new technologies to our websites to enhance accessibility and usability of our Online Legal Services.

Loh Eben Ong & Partners currently run a series of websites, such as, and

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