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Loh Eben Ong LLP (formerly known as Loh Eben Ong & Partners) is an established Singapore Civil Law Practice with Singapore Lawyers, Commissioner for Oaths, Notary Public and Trademark Agent. It was first established in 1994 by its current partners and the Law Practice focuses on Commercial law, Personal and Private law, Family and Business Law with emphasis in Property and Conveyancing, Commercial Law, Divorce (Non-Contentious), Probate and Administration of Estates.

Our Lawyers have numerous years of legal experience each, and handled a wide range of legal matters throughout their respective legal careers, and we take pride in offering high quality legal services at reasonable rates.

Our clientele comprises of individuals (locals and foreigners), corporate entities, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), financial institutions, public listed companies, trusts and associations.

In our LeoLaw's Client Care Policy, we believe in relationship building with our clients or potential clients, so that they build an important rapport with our Lawyers. Quality, trust, faith, integrity, communication, accessibility to our solicitors, efficiency and speed are part of our Policy, and all legal and related matters entrusted to us are committed to this standard. More complex matters may be subject to a "strategizing exercise", so that such matters can be resolved, settled, concluded or completed (as the case may be) expeditiously.

We are continuing building up our strengths to serve our clients better, and we endeavour to do better.™, being an integral part of Loh Eben Ong LLP, focuses on eLegal & Online Legal Services, which effectively means that part of our legal and professional services has been provided online. Team has conceptualized the offering of innovative legal services online (for local and international clientele), and has offered Online Legal Services since 1998. We are arguably one of the first law firms globally (if not the first) to offer pioneering online legal services (such as Deed Poll, Divorce, Power of Attorney and Wills) to the online public.

Our Online Legal Services such as Deed Poll (Change of Name), Power of Attorney, Probate and Wills have been highly popular and thousands of people have used our online services since 1998.

In a fast changing world, it is our aim that and our sister websites will continue to serve the needs of our clients and online public/users. Enhanced features have been added regularly to and our sister websites from time to time. We update this site daily, weekly or monthly or as frequently as the need arises, and our visitors can expect to see different contents, services and layout from time to time.

With social media usage reaching a mature stage, Loh Eben Ong LLP has incorporated popular social media features into our websites, and integreted with Twitter, LinkedIn and FaceBook Accounts to cater the needs of the users.

We aim to be a premium international "Virtual Law Firm" and continue to build up and capitalize on our strengths on the internet.

Loh Eben Ong LLP currently run a series of websites, such as,, and

SG Lawyers Mobile App - The Law is in your Hands

The world is changing so fast that we are moving beyond social media platforms, such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. We recognised that the general public is "googling" or searching online frequently with their smart mobile devices on the go, such as on the bus, in the airport waiting for their flights, in the MRT trains, and in the restaurants. With the fast changing trends, we felt that it is opportune time to introduce our own Mobile App called SG Lawyers App.

SG Lawyers App is an extension of our "Offline" Law Office (at 112 Middle Road #07-00, Singapore) and Virtual Law Office (at and other websites), by adding another avenue or mode for our interaction with our clients or potential clients.

Since the SG Lawyers' soft launch in late February 2014, we have been pleasantly surprised and encouraged by the many downloads and usages of our SG Lawyers Mobile App. 

Please download our SG Lawyers Mobile App at Apple AppStore or Google Play to interact with us.


In our continuing effort to innovate legal services beyond the traditional approach, we have launched LEO TV with our own Legal and related videos.

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