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Archived Deed Poll

One of the advantages of using our Deed Poll Services is that all our clients' Deed Polls are duly archived. If you have lost your Deed Poll prepared by Loh Eben Ong, you may use our Deed Poll's Archival Service.


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Personal Particulars of Applicant
Changing Name
What do you want Change

Examples (fictitious):-
Scenario 1
Current Name:
Tan Ong Lim (Chen WanLin)
New Name: John Tan Ong Cheng [Note: Hanyu Pinyin Name in brackets is to be removed]

Scenario 2
Current Name
: Mary D/O Surigamy
New Name: Mary Hartford James

Chinese, Tamil or Non-English Characters
Certified True Copy

Additional Certified True Copy of Deed Poll (Optional)

For SG50 Promo, 1 complimentary Certified True Copy by our Lawyer of your Deed Poll (CTC) will be given. If you require additional CTC, our fee is S$10.00 (net) for each CTC in addition to our standard charges. If you don't need additional CTC, you need not apply.

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After submission, please schedule a Proposed Appointment Date and Time through our LEO Online Booking System or SG Lawyers App.  Processing Time: 1 to 3 working days from date of submission. Same day application on a case to case basis. Please do not attend until you have received our CONFIRMATION OF APPOINTMENT BOOKING. An alternative date and time may be proposed/scheduled instead. Preferred timings are between 11.00 am - 12.45 pm and 2.30 am to 5.45 pm on weekdays (subject to availability). We are closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and eves of major holidays. Alternative methods for scheduling appointment are through Phone and Email.


Optional. Upload Documents, such as NRIC, Passport, Birth Cert, Non-English Characters (eg. Chinese characters). Approved formats zip, rar, pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, jpg, jpeg, gif, png (Maximum File Size: 5 MB). Please ensure file(s) is/are virus free.


No Warranty

Notwithstanding that you have a Deed Poll, the change of name (including but not limited to surname of minor) is strictly subject to the rules and policies of ICA. We do not warrant or represent that by virtue of a Deed Poll, you will be able to effect the requisite change of name in the relevant document(s)

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