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  • I am a foreigner, can I use a Deed Poll to change the name in my foreign Passport?

For changing of name in Foreign Passport, you should always check with the Foreign Embassy or Consulate Office in Singapore on whether the foreign immigration authority will accept a Singapore Deed Poll prior to making an application for a Deed Poll.

At a Foreign Applicant's [non-Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident (Blue IC)] request, we may assist him or her to prepare a Deed Poll, but we do not warrant that it will be accepted for the change of name in his or her Foreign Passport by the foreign jurisdiction / authority.

We have prepared Deed Polls for foreigners who wish to change their names in their Foreign Passports, and some foreign jurisdictions do recognise Singapore Deed Poll for change of name.

The onus is yours to check on this issue before applying for a Deed Poll. We are unable to advise you on foreign immigration policies.


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